Summer, stay a little bit longer! Recipe for lightning-fast crème fraîche ice cream - with only two ingredients and no ice cream maker

After a great birthday break in Hamburg and a week off blogging, I'll be back shortly. Because I still have a recipe that I really want to cut out, as long as it is still nice. It's about ice cream again! And after buying the first pumpkins this week and slowly but surely longing for soups and stews, I'd like to release a really simple and ingenious ice cream recipe with the last rays of sunshine. Before I say goodbye for this weekend - this time it's off to the beautiful Moselle for a wine event with a couple of blogger colleagues. I'm looking forward to it!

But now for the ice cream: calling it an ice cream recipe would actually be a bit over the top, but the whole thing consists of just two or optionally three ingredients: crème fraîche and sweetened condensed milk. And then, to taste, you can add a little vanilla. I did it once with and without and I think both variants are great.

Sweetened condensed milk is now available as a "milkmaid" in just about any supermarket, but often cheaper in the Polish or Russian department of larger supermarkets. I did not try the recipe with a cooked Dulce de leche , but that should work as well.

And one more good news: you do not need an ice machine! I made the ice both in the ice machine (goes faster) and in a simple container and it works both wonderfully. Thanks to the ingredient composition, it also develops a creamy, hardly crystallizing consistency without being stirred. I'm very excited!

2-ingredient flint ice cream

By the way, I like to use simple box molds for baking as an ice bucket for freezing - because you get the ice very well out again and can form beautiful balls. Of course, simple plastic bowls also serve their purpose.

So, if you do not feel like touching ice cream on egg yolk cream base, pre-cooling and then preparing it, I can really make it really fast, easy and really unbelievable Delicious ice cream very much to heart!
With sour cream or sour cream, so dairy products with lower fat content, I have not tried it, but I could imagine that it is not quite as good. If you feel like it, feel free to give it a try and then report it!

And now it's time for ice cream before autumn comes. I also like fresh waffles and cherries or raspberries ...

2 -Ingredient-Ice-Cream

Crème fraîche ice cream

for about 800 ml ice

based on a recipe from Lady and Pups


1 can of sweetened condensed milk (about 400 g) - 450 g Crème fraîche
optional: 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or the marrow of 1 scraped vanilla pod


Put all ingredients together in a mixing bowl and with a whisk Stir well until a smooth mass has formed without lumps.

Now either put the cream in an ice cream machine and freeze to the desired consistency or place in a container suitable for freezing and freeze for at least 4 hours.

Remove from the freezer about 10 to 15 minutes before serving.