Simone of the S-kitchen to guest at moey's kitchen: recipe for juicy plum-friands

After a few really great days in the beautiful Zillertal and a summer wedding in the snow on my birthday (I've never had snow on my birthday!) I'm back home. I'm happy about the appearance of my book and I'm so busy to get the place nice and to prepare a bit for the blog. To be able to start here in the coming days fully into late summer and autumn. So far, I have not accepted Herbst alone, and I've also planned some nice late summer meals for the next few posts.

And while I'm still sorting myself here, I mop up the bedroom, clean up the work-restroom and do a lot for the blog I prepared a temporary help, which brought us today a very delicious, fitting recipe for these beautiful sunny days.

I am so happy that I am one of my dearest Blogger friends Simone from the S kitchen could win for bringing me a fabulous recipe. We both have a very similar taste with a preference for delicious pastries, creamy ice cream and good breakfasts. Together, we survived the California drought and walnuts flying around us, and bought their pretty muffin shape, which they use here in the recipe, together in San Francisco. We baked apple pie with Patricia Kelly and buttered us across Hamburg and Cologne. These are memories, hach.

But now free up for the dear Simone - a thousand thanks for your great contribution and the great recipe!

 Simone of the S-kitchen as a guest at moey's kitchen: recipe for juicy plums -Friends

Moin, this is Simone from the kitchen, today the help for Maja.
And because I come from the far north, I brought you something ... .. Australian! The idea comes from overseas, but the plums come from northern Germany. Like Maja, I cook and bake seasonal and preferably regional. Buy Local is also my motto and that is in this case the Old Country, one of the largest fruit growing areas in Germany. Not only is there delicious local fruit and vegetables to buy, it is also beautiful and always worth a visit.

I completely fell in love with this little Friand and you bring what you like the most but like so nice people with. Friands, the lightning-fast baked pastries have done to me, because they are so outrageously juicy, much juicier than all muffins and cupcakes together. Once you discover it for yourself, it always comes back to it. You can almost bake with them through the season, it suits almost any fruit, all native anyway.

 Simone of the S-kitchen as a guest at moey's kitchen: recipe for juicy plum-friands

Friands are practically financiers with fruit, originally from France, but particularly popular in Australia and New Zealand. They are all made more or less equal, consisting of little flour, lots of ground almonds, powdered sugar, egg whites and lots of fruit.

The preparation takes fabulous 5 minutes and the baking time around 25, a really great story , which fits in between times quickly and always arrives well.I myself baked them in a ceramic mold designed with silicone molds because they happened to fit in perfectly. Of course, paper cups in muffin tin work just as well, but without paper or silicone it's not always easy to get the friands out of shape.

 Simone of the S-kitchen as a guest at moey's kitchen: recipe for juicy plum-friands

Have you gotten the taste and want more? Then visit me in the kitchen. There are healthy, sweet, fruity, savory and lots of ice cream. Oh yes, breakfast is also available in abundance.

Until then, Simone