Muesli of the week number 18 - Today: Overnight Oats with almonds, Chia seeds, maple syrup and blueberries

If you think that I forget my muesli friday because of all the euphoria and the joy of joy ... nonsense! There I am already.
If you take a closer look today, you will surely notice that it does not really crack here today. Rather the opposite - it is creamy and soft! I think you also have to think outside the box. And besides cereal bars and granola cookies, the overnight oats in my muesli week series should not be missed!

Anyone looking for breakfast on Instagram these days sees it everywhere: the overnight in the Refrigerator soaked oatmeal. Of course, Overnight Oats sounds a bit more stylish than the previous one. And I do not want to deny myself any trends, so today here is also a real trend breakfast. And it gets even better: in my Overnight Oats come chia seeds! At which today no foodie is over. Honestly, I'm not necessarily a great friend of these superfoods and have always been able to refuse me psyllium seeds and the like successfully. However, Chia Seeds have made me curious because of their consistency and source quality, and that's why on my last visit to London a small bag of these miraculous seeds wandered into my shopping bag. But I always did not know what to do with it. I often read about vegan pudding and the like, that does not really irritate me personally. But they were just right for this week's muesli creation. Soaked in liquid, they become a pudding-like mass and swell up - that should fill you up and, above all, keep you full for a long time. Whether that's right or not - the consistency was great and I was really sick of the cereal for a long time. But if you do not want to pay several euros for a small bag, you can simply omit them. The Overnight Oats are still tasty! Incidentally, I had white seeds - I do not think the black ones look so pretty and appetizing.

Overnight Oats: Soaked overnight in the fridge and served with fresh blueberries for breakfast

Back to Cereal. Let's face it, basically it's just a trendy variation of a classic: the good aging Bircher muesli. Who invented it? Exactly. It is also a mixture of flakes soaked overnight in liquid (usually water or cream) along with grated apple and eaten the next morning. Only Overnight Oats are often prepared vegan and therefore only with water, almond or soy milk swell. Call me stuffy, but I like milk and that's why I soaked it in plain, delicious organic whole milk quite simply. But it's up to you and your taste what kind of liquid you use.

Just mushy and soft I do not really like, that's why you can add some crisp nuts. I opted for relatively neutral chopped almonds. But you only have walnuts there? No problem, take that. Also, a fruit variation with raisins, dried cranberries, prunes or apricots is possible.
I like a light sweetness on my cereal - but that is optional and you can omit this addition either or by the above dried fruit or a finely chopped replace dried date. I chose maple syrup because I just like the taste.In the morning you have breakfast, or in the office a delicious, filling and reasonably healthy meal ratzfatz on the table. Some fresh fruits like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, blackberries or even apples, pears, mango, etc. and you can directly enjoy the Overnight Oats. With thousands of variations you can enjoy a different cereal every day of the year - so give it a try! I could absolutely convince this type of breakfast variant. And when I think of it, I also try to prepare it more often in the evening ...

Overnight Oats: Soaked overnight in the fridge and served with fresh blueberries for breakfast.

for 1 serving (one glass with about 250 ml content)


25 g oatmeal
1 el chia seeds
120 ml whole milk
2 tl maple syrup
2 tbsp chopped almonds
2-3 tbsp fresh blueberries to serve


Put all the ingredients except the blueberries in a tightly closed, sufficiently large glass and stir well until everything has mixed. There should still be a few inches of space left at the top.

Close the jar and put it in the fridge overnight.

Serve with the blueberries for breakfast the next morning.