Lightning fast DIY idea for the Easter table: sweet marshmallow coconut sheep

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you all spend some nice days with your loved ones and let it go well. For me Easter means to be at home for 4 days in a row. Sounds bleak, but it's so pleasant, after all the excitement and stress of the last few weeks. I still have to work, but sitting in the pajamas on the couch is something else than having to drive to the office early in the morning.

I also wanted a quick DIY idea for an edible one Osterdeko throw in the round - a bit tight, as always, but not too late, if you are still looking for a nice idea for the Easter brunch.
When I made the recipe for the homemade marshmallows some time ago, I stumbled on a cookie cutter in search of cookie cutters. And then spontaneously came the idea for Easter: the marshmallow mass is simply spread thin and sprinkled with coconut flakes. After solidifying, you can then simply prick out small sheep or lambs and decorate them on the Easter table.

 Marshmallow mass sprinkled with coconut flakes - goose-shaped

For the marshmallow mass you will find the detailed recipe with step-by-step images here in the blog:

Since the mass is spread only very thinly, you need several forms and, accordingly, more of the powdered sugar-starch mixture than stated in the original recipe.

In addition, you need coconut flakes and a sheep or lamb cookie of your choice.

Place the marshmallow mass in the prepared molds so that it is about 1.5-2 cm high and smooth it. Sprinkle coconut flakes directly over it and let the marshmallows become firm. At altitude, it's much faster than with thicker marshmallows.

Prepare a small bowl of neutral cooking oil, dunk the cookie cutter in, and then chop little sheep from the marshmallow mass. Already done!

with the help of a Cookie cookie cutter you just cut out small pieces of marshmallow paste

You can cut the marshmallow remainders into small pieces or simply munch on them.

Who? For more intense taste of coconut, add a few drops of coconut extract to the marshmallow paste at the end of the mixing process.

For black sheep, you can simply color the coconut flakes with some cocoa powder or mix with melted couverture and then evenly onto the base

small flock of sheep on the Easter table, punched out made of marshmallow paste, decorated with coconut flakes