Delicious winter flavors: Juicy orange cake with orange glaze

If this post goes online, it's already Monday and I'm sitting at my desk in the office at best. At least when my alarm rings and I do not oversleep. I do not remember which tune my alarm goes off. And above all, I must not forget to ask him. We are already in the middle of January and thus again in the middle of everyday life in a normal working week. After two weeks of vacation and hibernation included in it, that's pretty unusual for the first time. In anticipation of the next weekend, it should therefore be a cake recipe today. Then, when it's time to bake again.

With the turn of the year and after Christmas and New Year's is over, I'm always in spring mode. No idea why, because we do not fool ourselves - it's winter! And that will stay that way for a while before we can start thinking about spring in March. That's how long we use winter with all its typical flavors. Clementines and oranges are clearly part of it for me. Already as a child clementines were never missing in the Santa Claus boot or on the cookie plate and freshly squeezed orange juice tasted especially good at the time.

 Bowl of fresh clementines and oranges from Mallorca

Last year at this time I have ordered Majorcan oranges and lemons, this time I got a truckload from my mother. Fresh and unsprayed they come from trees on the island and from there go directly to Germany. No exploitation of workers, no use of chemicals - and you can taste it. If you do not have the opportunity to get unspiced fruit from a well-known source, make sure you buy organic oranges for this recipe, as the shell is included here.

juicy orange cake with orange glaze on a platter

Es is a very simple, but also incredibly juicy sponge cake, which is particularly loosened by the Unterheben of egg whites. The ingredients are stirred together quickly and the cake is baked in a normal box shape - that's not a big hassle. The result may be tasty!

Bleed of the orange cake on a platter

Orange cake with orange glaze

transformed to an idea of ​​off the spork

for 1 small box (26 cm in length)

For the cake

3 eggs (size L)
1 pinch of salt
150 g soft butter
175 g sugar
grated peel of 2 untreated oranges
300 g flour
2 tl tartaric baking powder
150 g greek yogurt
Juice of 1 of the two untreated oranges (about 60 g)

For the glaze

250 g of powdered sugar
2 tbsp very soft butter
Juice of 1/2 of the two untreated oranges


Preheat the oven to 160 ° C circulating air or hot air. Lay out a box tin with baking paper.

Separate the eggs. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and set aside.
Whip the butter, sugar and grated orange peel in a mixing bowl with a hand mixer or food processor for a few minutes to a thick cream. Thoroughly stir in the three egg yolks.
Mix flour and baking powder and sift on the butter mass.
Stir yogurt and orange juice until smooth and add to the dough.Add the soft butter and stir. Now add enough orange juice until the desired consistency for the icing is achieved.

Remove the cake from the tin and place it on a cake plate. Coat with the glaze and let it set a little. Cut the cake until it is completely chilled.

The cake is wrapped in aluminum foil or in a plastic box packed for several days at room temperature and remains loose and juicy. It can also be stored well in the fridge, which makes it just a bit more compact.

 Juicy orange cake on a cake plate